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Logic bites

29 Oct

I love vampire stories. Movies, books, TV shows? Love ‘em all, ever since I was a kid–except the last two seasons of True Blood; I do have some standards.

When I learned NBC has revamped Dracula and topped it off with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, I was all in. My daughter and I tuned in last Friday and watched Drac’ nom on one lovely lady after another, causing daughter to observe, “If he only bites the pretty girls, pretty soon there will be nothing left but the ugly ones.”

Note to publicists: pictures of vampires quietly downing a scotch/brandy/whatever non-blood liquid that is, are not sexy. Photo: NBC


Crazy Good Parent

28 Oct

I have made some pretty fabulous friends through blogging. Emily, of The Waiting, is one of the most fabulous. Read her post on living with ADD on my new blog, Crazy Good Parent.

The Waiting

It’s really easy to observe that there is a need for something in the world and then just talk about that need without doing anything effective about it. I’m a blogger, so I see that tendency alive in my life. I can point out the flaws I see in myself and others until I’m blue in the face, but all that talking often doesn’t (read=pretty much never) make way towards change. The time comes when bootstraps must be pulled and comfort zones vacated.

The doers of the world clothe our words by responding to the needs they see. My looooooongtime* blogging friend Janice of Snide Reply is a doer. She saw that there were very few resources for people living with mental health issues who wanted to have an open discussion about how that impacts their lives as parents.

*Seriously, she has “known” me since I didn’t even have to…

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You can help a crazy mother out

11 Oct

I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve been cheating on you. Well, not you, exactly; I’ve been cheating on Snide Reply.

See, instead of writing about my life, it’s ups and downs, the funny things my kids are doing, the obscene things my iPad is saying, the people who are driving me crazy, I’ve been writing about being crazy. And I’ve been doing it somewhere else.

But I’m ready for you to join me there.

Yesterday, I launched a new blog that I hope will grow into a thriving digital community where parents who have mental illnesses can go to find help, information, entertainment and camaraderie.

It’s called Crazy Good Parent and it was born out of my own frustration at not being able to find the kind of information I need as someone with bipolar disorder who is trying to be the best parent she can. There is plenty of Internet help for parents, for people with mental illness, and for people parenting people with mental illness. But we parents managing kids, work, family, marriage, etc., while also managing our minds? Well, we’re not really feeling the love on the Web.

So, I started my own hangout for people like me— Come on over and bring your crazy mother (and father) friends, too.


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