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How WordPress Gave Me A Migraine but I Found Blog Love Anyway

19 Dec

Many of you know that WordPress, the service that manages my blog, recently featured my blog on its homepage. For those in the know, I was “Freshly Pressed.” For those in the don’t know, WordPress is the place on the Internet where I post my blog. Every day, WordPress, the biggest hosting service out there, picks the best of that day’s posts. They say they wade through more than 650,000 posts and who am I to argue.

The Monday before Thanksgiving, WordPress picked my post on gratitude. Now, WordPress promises that they will let you know if they pick your post for Freshly Pressed. WordPress lied to me. I found out I was Freshly Pressed when I checked email that day and saw I had, oh, say 100 emails from strangers commenting on my blog. I was shocked, amazed, astounded and all of those other words I tell my students to use instead of “surprised.”

I did not count how many people hit the like button or made some nice comment about that post. WordPress kept track of the activity on my blog, though. Over the course of two days, I had 3,450 views on my blog. A typical Monday prior to that, I would get about 3,400 fewer.

At the same time . . .

Many of you also know that we are broke. One of the expenses we’ve put off is veterinary care. That same Monday, my daughter was playing with her Littlest Pet Shop figures. “Mom,” she said, looking at something lying on the floor, “is that one of Pogo’s teeth?” It was, indeed, one of our dog’s teeth. Our dog can’t eat soft food without diarrh—oh, I mean—dire circumstances. His teeth are, therefore, tremendously important to me. I checked the checkbook and called the vet.

Vet expenses are one of those things that you think are going to be affordable in the “we can probably pay for it if we eat vegan for a month” category, but always wind up in the “we can only pay for this if we eat hay for a year” category. I never have to have a blood test before getting my teeth cleaned, but my dog does. So, blood test. His rabies vaccine had also expired, so rabies vaccine. Fortunately, he pooped on the waiting room floor, so I was spared following him around with a little plastic spoon to collect fresh turd. So, fecal test.  Total: $500.

I got Pogo home and went to my office, where I responded to probably 60 more comments.

At the same time . . .

It was Thanksgiving week. Thanksgiving is at my house. My house was trashed.

At the same time . . .

I’d been training for my first 5K. I needed to find time to run.

Comments answered, I went to the kitchen for a tea refill. Pogo’s face had swelled to the point that his tiny Papillon snout was nearly buried in bulging fur-covered flesh. We went to the vet. Injection to counter allergic reaction: $100 and we still hadn’t done the dental work.

I deal really well with crises; I keep calm. I took my dog to the vet. I responded to the comments. I made the pecan pie. I trained for the run. No, crises don’t faze me. It’s the letdown afterward that’s a bitch.

I woke at 5 am Thanksgiving morning with a migraine. I took a thermonuclear pain pill and went to bed. I skipped the run. The turkey was great.

At the same time . . .

Things were still hoppin’ on my blog. In addition to the humbling praise, I received awards from two other bloggers:

the Versatile Blogger Award


the Liebster Award.

Both have strings attached.


•  Thank the bloggers who nominated me for the award. Totally up on that; a Southern woman raised me. I’m hoping it’s ok to combine the two. So, thanks to The Waiting, Nevercontrary, Katy Stuff and Aprillbrandon for the Versatile Award and CrudMyKidsSay for the Liebster.

Please check them out. They are great bloggers writing clearly and creatively.

•  Pass the award on to 15 (5 for the Liebster) other bloggers. Now, this was kind of a problem as I didn’t really read other bloggers. SHAME! I found them though and they’re listed below.

• List seven things about me you may not know. See FAR below. You don’t know these things for a reason, people!

The blogs you will check out and may like as much as I do.

A Clean Surface: sort of Martha Stewart with a life. Check out how to make a gingerbread house.

A Buddhist in the Rust Belt: just discovered this. It takes some . . . guts to be a Buddhist in Montana.

Kpgarcia: poetry and photos.

Boggleton Drive: really cool comic. Check out this gem.

Teachermother: writing about teaching and mothering. Duh.

Violet Sunday Studio: ART!!

People I want to punch in the throat: kind of like my blog only. The post on the Elf on The Shelf is priceless.

(Crap! We’re only at seven!)

Democratic Party of DuPage County: don’t laugh. There really is one. Is it bad to nominate a blog I edit? So what!

Renovating Rita: she’s got a recipe for latkes. What’s not to like?

Scribblechic: sweet musings on motherhood. (Yes, I can appreciate sweetness.)

Philosopher mouse of the hedge: the selling mistletoe story is about one of the best Christmas stories I’ve heard.

You’ve Been Hooked: tales from a bellman. Really. Funny!

(Twelve . . .almost there.)

The Anvil: Colonel Klink for President?

Kvetchmom: doesn’t every mom kvetch?

Huffygirl: a nurse practitioner on life and wellness

Whew! Done.

Now for the seven things:

1.     I match my bra and panties. Every day.

2.     I hate green peppers.

3.     I watched Jersey Shore. Once.

4.     I eat Hellman’s out of the jar.

5.     My hair turns orange if I color it myself.

6.     I don’t care how my alma mater fares in sports.

7.     I was a sorority girl.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your kindness and support. I’m loving the wild life on my blog and you’re the reason.


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