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Sometimes my kids aren’t very funny at all

5 Feb

pACEBW-1126408dtSeems like lately, we’ve been going through a not-so-funny period at what is usually The Fun House. Between arguing about whether driving is a right or a privilege with our son and arguing about how much duct tape is too much with our daughter, I’d say things are decidedly downbeat. Today, I find myself trying to find the humor in a hole the size of a ten-year-old’s heel in the staircase wall. It’s not coming. Note to new parents, you think you will escape the horrors of preteen and teen parenting. I laugh at you. All I can say is have plenty of wine on hand, and a tub of spackle.

How’s your day going?

My kids say funny stuff, too 7

23 Oct

A little political humor. My daughter is 10. Those of you who have or had 10-year old daughters, I accept your pity.

We were all gathered in the kitchen, getting ready to eat dinner. My daughter was shrieking like a professional wailer at a funeral. We have become quite accustomed to these outbursts.

“What’s she crying about now?” I asked.

“Obamacare,” my son responded. “She has all these mixed emotions about Mitt Romney and Obamacare.”

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