My kids say funny stuff, too 4

18 Sep

My children like to bond with me by making me watch a god-awful mutually-enjoyable television show with them. With my daughter, it’s frequently Animal Planet because she doesn’t like cooking shows or shows where people speak intelligent dialogue. I don’t like shows where the main character is a pretty but quirky and misunderstood white girl who’s best friend is a fat black girl with a  ghetto accent even though her parents are plastic surgeons and live in a mansion.

My daughter has been taking advantage of the fact that her brother would rather IM with his friends than interact with his family. Recently, though, he noticed that his sister has had two consecutive weeks of mother-daughter bonding time. He walked in on us about halfway through “The Great Barrier Reef” and demanded to know when it was his turn. I invited him to join us, noting “It’s a really beatiful show.” He declined just as a shark devoured a sea turtle, crushing it’s shell like it was a potato chip. “Real beautiful,” he said, leaving the room.

Later in the week, Chris Hayes appeared as a panelist on Real Time with Bill Maher. I proudly admit to having a massive nerd-girl crush on Chris Hayes. I’m into that boyish good looks and quick intellect thing. Now, I’m also into Joe Manganiello and am pretty sure Chris Hayes shirtless would cancel out his nerdly hotness.

I invited my son to watch Real Time with me. For a few minutes we watched the debate in silence. Chris was acquitting himself nicely, defending his views with a devastating combination of wit, mastery of the facts and intelligence.

Rapt, my son said, “Did he go to Harvard? Or did he invent Harvard?”

2 Responses to “My kids say funny stuff, too 4”

  1. Madame Weebles September 18, 2012 at 7:37 pm #

    That IS a good line! Because you know exactly what that means! You’ve got some clever kids there. It makes me happy to know that our younger generations have some good folks.

    • jmlindy422 September 18, 2012 at 8:48 pm #

      I plan on using “He’s so smart he invented Harvard” at least once a month. Thanks for the nice compliment!

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