My kids say funny stuff, too!

28 Aug

There are about nine thousand “my kids say the funniest stuff/crud/crap/sh*t blogs. Well, my kids are funny, too, and I’m still casting around for something to do with my regular Monday posts. You’ll note this post is being published on Tuesday, just further evidence that I have no idea what to do with Monday. But, I digress.

My son is the funniest person I know. He’s smart and quick-witted. His humor is also obscene. I have spent nearly a year trying to figure out how to present him in a blog that is frequently read by those with more delicate sensibilities, like my husband.

My son gets particularly ribald when in my company. This is probably evidence that my parenting skills leave something to be desired, but I think the cow is out of the barn on this one. My husband used to tell us that we had gone too far, that I was just encouraging our son’s baser nature, to which I said, “Well, duh!” He’s given up; now when my son and I get going, my husband takes off his glasses and buries his face in his hands.

Our daughter, though, is far more subtle. Recently, she agreed to go to exploratory meetings for joining orchestra. Your and my tax dollars make it possible for her to learn to play an instrument; the only cost to us is rental of said instrument. Originally, daughter was on board. Then, she figured out she’d have to practice and get up early for rehearsals. Her enthusiasm waned, but she committed to the two early morning exploratory sessions.

This morning was the first. At 6:30, I went into the office to wake her. (Why, you ask, is she sleeping in the office? See photo below.) I gave her a little nuzzle then a soft “Peanut, it’s time to get up.” She didn’t move. “Remember?” I asked, “you agreed to go to orchestra.” Without opening her eyes, she let out a groan and said, “What did I ever do to you?”


5 Responses to “My kids say funny stuff, too!”

  1. Madame Weebles August 28, 2012 at 10:15 am #

    Now that’s funny. She’s much more clever first thing in the morning than I ever was. When my mother woke me up for stuff, I was either unintelligible or just rude.

    • jmlindy422 August 28, 2012 at 10:25 am #

      I was, too! But my father never woke me very gently. It was, “Get the hell out of the bed now!”

  2. philosophermouseofthehedge August 28, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

    You son sounds very like a typical boy (what was it we used to say? rude crude socially unacceptable – you know a kid)
    You daughter also sounds wonderfully funny. Girls are either nasty/rude or sweet and clever…often in the same 45 seconds.(so glad she’s getting at least a little music – (will gladly help pay for that if she enjoys it)
    Enjoyed the romp with and adoration of the kids

  3. Pat August 29, 2012 at 6:29 am #

    I concur.
    I have two children, one of each, no longer little, both rude.
    If anything, my daughter tells the dirtier joke and tells it better. And gets away with it. Both are clever and spontaneously witty.
    It’s sometimes hard to be in the same room when they both get started.

    • jmlindy422 August 29, 2012 at 7:29 am #

      My kids are fairly far apart in age, which makes witty repartee kind of difficult, but we’ve had some hilarious moments. My daughter is very shy but starting to bite back now that she’s 10 and he’s 16.Thanks for dropping by.

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